How Quickly Can You Find the Soccer Ball Hidden Among the Happy Panda Bears?

Gergely Dudas

We love a good challenge that’s fun but not so challenging that it’s impossible to solve. Brain teasers are the perfect challenge when we need a short break from our busy day. Hidden picture puzzles are among our favorites. They are captivating and solvable whether you’re on your computer or your phone.

Gergely Dudas has created many amazing hidden picture puzzles. He makes them creative and just the right amount of challenging. Honestly, we’ve had to look at the answer key to find the answer on more than one puzzle, but most of them we can solve if we take our time.

One thing that Dudas often does in his hidden picture puzzles is hide an object that is the same color as the other objects in the picture. For example, he hid a baby chick among ducklings, and he hid a green snake in a green jungle.

Now, he has created a hidden picture puzzle where a black and white soccer ball is hiding among happy black and white panda bears. This is definitely a fun but challenging puzzle!

Try not to get distracted by the colorful objects in the picture. Dudas added these items to throw you off. The flags and the top hat have nothing to do with the soccer ball’s hiding spot. Focus on the black and white and eventually you will find the hidden ball.

Did you find it yet? If you are having trouble finding the hidden soccer ball, try starting at one corner of the picture and looking at every bit of black and white as you slowly scan across the picture. The soccer ball is hiding, but you can find it.

If you still haven’t found the soccer ball and don’t feel like looking any longer, you can refer to the answer key to find out where it is. Make sure you are really, really sure you’re done looking before you find the answer here.

How long did it take you to find the soccer ball? Did you think this hidden picture puzzle was challenging? What’s your favorite type of brain teaser?