Fight Over Anne Heche Estate in Full Swing

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The saga continues in the battle for control of Anne Heche’s estate. The late actress did not have an official will. Her oldest son, Homer Laffoon (20), filed court documents claiming her ex partner, James Tupper, is using “unfounded personal attack” to battle for control of her estate. Lawyers for Homer Heche Laffoon, are working to stop the court from accepting a will the late actress emailed her lawyers and James Tupper in 2011.

Tupper and Heche were together from 2007 to 2018. Tupper is the father to Heche’s second son Atlas (13). In the contested emailed will, she left everything to Tupper “to be used to raise my children and then give to the children.” Apparently, Heche never signed it, and there were no witnesses. Thus, it is not not considered a legal document. According to court papers, Laffoon is too young and not employed to run the estate.

Another issue the 20-year old has is he claims Tupper is interfering with his attempts to communicate with his 13-year old half brother Atlas Heche Tupper following Anne Heche’s death in August. Laffoon is accusing Tupper of keeping him away from his half-brother.The value of Heche’s estate is not known.

Tupper also claimed Homer was “estranged” from Heche when she died and accused changing the locks on her apartment to stop Atlas from accessing the apartment. “The assertion that the [Heche’s] apartment is ‘vacant’ in [Homer’s] pleadings is concerning,” the documents stated. “Her home was full of her furnishings, jewelry, valuables, files and records, and their removal was in no way authorized by this Court or the law. Atlas has not been able to gain entry to this apartment since his mother’s death.”

Anne Heche died on Aug. 14, days after a fiery car crash in Los Angeles. The autopsy found cocaine and fentanyl in her system.

A court hearing is set for October 11 to name the guardian of Heche’s estate.