A Young Student Died In A Horrific Accident, And His Father Missed His Funeral Service

A jumping castle or bounce house is a fun, celebratory activity that lots of children love. You’ll often see them at birthday parties or other outdoor activities like school functions or holiday celebrations.

Bounce houses are usually considered fairly safe. Obviously, it could seem a little bit dangerous for a very young child to be in a bounce house with older children. There could be a risk of getting stepped on if the bounce house has too many jumpers inside, but usually letting a child jump in a bounce house or bouncy castle is not something that causes parents much concern.

In Tasmania, there was a freak accident involving a bouncy castle. The incident happened as children at Hillcrest Primary School celebrated the end of the year. There were nine students bouncing in the castle who were all either 11 or 12 years of age when a sudden wind gust blew the castle and the children 30 meters in the air. Six of the children sustained injuries so bad that they did not survive.

Twelve year old student Jye Max Sheehan was one of the victims of the horrific accident. At his funeral service, friends, family, teachers and students gathered to say goodbye.

They remembered Jye as a boy who loved to learn and who loved soccer. One mourner who spoke at the funeral said that Jye  was very close to his big brother and his mother. In addition, “He loved to learn and was a sponge for knowledge. He was super proud of his learning and would always share with anyone who would listen.”

Jye’s father, Glenn, was not able to attend the funeral because he was in intensive care at the time. Since he missed the funeral, Jye’s cousin spoke on his behalf saying, “The first time I met Jye I saw a miniature Glenn and he could light up the room with his mischievous smile.” His cousin added that Jye and Glenn loved playing board games together.

Jye’s teacher, Ms Thompson, remembered Jye as “a wonderful young man who was ready for a new adventure.” She added, “Jye was one of those special people who leaves a lasting impression on everyone they meet. For the rest of my life when I think of Jye I will see his beautiful beaming smile and those gorgeous brown eyes that just sparkle with mischief.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the tragedy in Tasmania and the other vicitims.