Multiple Stalkers, Including A Fatal Stalker Shooting, Forced This TikTok Star To Take Herself Out Of Many Things She Loved

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Kids today – they don’t just have to worry about things like being bullied by their classmates. If they’re active on social media, they just might find out that someone they’ve never met is stalking them.

In her own words, Ava Majury was “a normal 15 year old girl” once upon a time – like, back in 2021. That is, if “normal” means having more than a million followers on TikTok. The TikTok star was also active on Instagram and even tried to start a vlog on YouTube, but never posted more than one video.


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Majury, who lives with her family in Florida, ended up having her life turned upside down when an 18-year-old boy from Maryland started stalking her. The boy, Eric Rohan Justin, followed her on TikTok and kept asking her for pictures of herself. She blocked him, but that didn’t stop his pursuit. Instead, he contacted some of his classmates, asking about Majury and trying to get pictures of Majury from them instead. One of those classmates, who we’ll simply refer to as her classmate, contacted Majury to let her know what Justin was asking him and what Justin was planning to do. Apparently, Justin wanted nude photos of Majury, and if he didn’t get them, he wanted to rape Majury.

Justin ended up showing up outside Majury’s home with a shotgun. Majury’s father, Robert Majury, who used to be a police officer in New Jersey, tried to chase Justin away, but when he came back, he shot Justin, who ended up dying from the shooting.

Majury’s life did not go back to normal after her father killed her stalker. Instead, the incident made headlines, and the classmate who had told Majury about Justin’s plans allegedly started stalking Majury.


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In January 2022, Majury’s father filed a criminal stalking case against the classmate, but ultimately, the judge ended up throwing out the case before the classmate ever took the stand. The judge claimed there wasn’t enough evidence.

In Majury’s testimony, she explained just how much her life has changed because of her stalkers. She said, “I was terrified. I took myself out of many things that I love. … I took myself out of soccer when we were headed to state mid-season.” She added that she has “nightmares” and is “scared at night.”

Majury has also left high school and is attending school online instead. She told the media, “About a year ago today, I was a normal, 15-year-old girl, living my life, playing soccer, going to high school and spreading positivity all over social media. Now, I’m afraid to even leave my house.”