Fans Concerned By Britney’s Eerie Posts And Think She Needs Help

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In the 90s, Britney Spears was one of the most popular popstars—if not *the* most popular popstar—in the world. She was known as the Princess of Pop! But in current times, things are looking grim for the once star.  In fact, her recent posts on her Instagram account have fans thinking she’s crying for help—and that she really needs it.

Britney has been known to have her share of breakdowns throughout the years. One of the most notable was in 2007 where she shaved her head and checked into several rehab facilities following her split with Kevin Federline. She also attacked photographers with an umbrella. One year later, she held her and Kevin’s sons to herself, refusing to release them until police arrived and she was taken to the hospital for being under the influence of an unknown substance.

She’s made headlines many times since then, but perhaps most widely was recently In 2021, when news of her conservatorship broke out as she was seeking freedom from her father who was controlling her life and her finances.
The conservatorship began after she shaved her head, and though it was only meant to be temporary, it went on for 11 years. When it finally ended, things were really looking up for her. Until now.

Spears has posted a series of, shall we say, interesting, videos of herself dancing or acting in questionable ways that have fans sincerely concerned about her mental health.

Check out one of the videos below:


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See what we mean? Comments on the video read:

“She definitely needs helps. I feel sad watching her doing this.”

“I’ve got 1 million trillion problems… But attempting to comprehend what the hell is going on with Britney Spears has got to be on top of the list.”

“This folks, is what mania looks like.”

“It’s really sad to watch her in this state of mind . Money and control can really affect your mental state.”

“I feel like she needs more help than ever. Something still seems off with her.”

Here’s another recent video:


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And, take a look at this one:


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What do think—is Britney screaming for help? Are you concerned with how she’s been acting in public lately?