Pink Claims A Famous Performer Wanted to Fight Her

s_bukley via Deposit Photos, @pink via Instagram

Pink and Christina Aguilera have two different memories of their interactions together. According to Pink, Christina was the angry one who wanted to fight her. According to Christina, she was “intimidated” by Pink and wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her.

On Chris Wallace’s show “Who’s Talking,” Pink discussed filming “Lady Marmalade” with Christina back in 2001. She started the story by saying, “Not everybody is supposed to like each other and that’s ok, and back then our personalities did not mix at all and that was ok.”

Pink claimed that she’s not throwing shade but being honest. She explained that she’s simply explaining what happened but “total honesty doesn’t work in this world.” So clearly, the two were never BFFs, but what really happened?

According to Pink, it was about a chair. She explained, “She was upset that I was sitting in her chair and so was going to shut down the entire production, and I didn’t know I was sitting in her chair.”

Pink has also previously claimed that Christina was “swinging at her.” That’s far from how Christina remembers things. In fact, she told Andy Cohen about a completely different memory she has of Pink, one that involves a game of spin the bottle. She doesn’t remember swinging. She remembers kissing.

While the two sides of the story are quite different, one thing is the same. There’s enough overlap to make it clear that these two singers, at least in the past, didn’t get along. It seems they have both also chosen to move on and not dwell on their past experiences. As Pink explained, “It probably happens every day in every workplace…Some people don’t get along, and then they figure it out, and they realize what’s important and they hug it out and move on.”

For Christina’s part, she called Pink “a different person now. She’s a mom. She’s cool.”

Regardless, back in 2001, they managed to pull things together and work it out so that they could finish production.

Do you believe Pink that Christina was instigating a fight with her, or do you believe Christina that Pink was too “intimidating” for her to ever even consider “swinging” at her?