NYC Mom Says She and Her Six Children Were Kicked Off Flight When 2-Year-Old Refused to Wear Mask

Flying with young children can be a struggle. It can be hard for them to sit still during a long plane ride. It can be hard to get them to use the airplane restroom. It can be hard to keep them from being loud.

During the coronavirus pandemic, flying with young children can be more difficult than ever. Sure, we may be concerned about their health and safety since airplanes haven’t always been known as the cleanest places. However, there is another concern – face masks.

If you think it’s difficult to keep a young child entertained and sitting still for several hours at a time on an airplane, now try adding the requirement that he or she has to wear a face mask during that entire plane ride too.

Yes, we understand that airplane policies are there to protect us, and we are in general glad that many airlines have strict face mask policies. Yet, when is enforcing a policy going too far?

Recently, Chaya Bruck boarded a JetBlue flight in Orlando. She was flying to Newark with her 6 children. Her youngest child was just 2 years old.

JetBlue’s face mask policy states that all passengers 2 years and older must wear a face mask, but Bruck’s youngest child refused to keep a face mask on. A flight attendant insisted that the child wear a face mask or that the family get off the plane.

Bruck refused to get off the plane and argued that her 2-year-old wouldn’t keep the mask on. Many passengers around Bruck supported her and told the flight attendant to leave her alone.

In the end, JetBlue told every single passenger that they would need to get off the plane. Every single one. Bruck and her family had to find a different flight.

Watch the video below to see cell phone video of this incident taken by passengers on board the plane.

Do you think Bruck and her family should have been allowed to stay on the JetBlue flight, or do you think the flight attendant was right for enforcing the company policy?