Ex-Wife Of Popular Celebrity Has Accused Him Of “Marital Rape”

Last year, at the height of the controversy surrounding overturning Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court, Diane Gaeta, the ex-wife of actor Logan Marshall-Green, shared her own abortion story. In the process of telling her story, she also accused her ex-husband of “marital rape.”

In the post, Gaeta described two times in her life when she had an abortion. The first time, she was a college student at NYU. At age 18, she didn’t want to become a mother. She described being called a “murderer” by protesters when her boyfriend at the time dropped her off at Planned Parenthood. She called the experience “traumatizing” but explained that she was still “grateful I had that choice” to get an abortion. She was 18 at the time.

Years later, at the age of 35, Gaeta shared that she had a second abortion. The circumstances were quite different this time. She was a wife and a mother of two. She was in a different place in her life, not a young college student, but still, she says that abortion “helped me save and shape my own life.”

In her abortion story, Gaeta does not mention Marshall-Green by name, but she does refer to her “husband,” and she has only been married once. She explained the circumstances about how she got pregnant writing, “my husband practiced and joked about ‘marriage rape.'” She shared that after an argument, they had “make up sex, in the pitch dark from behind as my penance outside in the garage. I told him it was my fertile day and he needed to pull out and he said, ‘No.’ and didn’t.” Gaeta ended up getting pregnant as a result, and Marshall-Green told her he would divorce her if she had another child.

This time, instead of going to Planned Parenthood, Gaeta went to her OBGYN who told her “he didn’t like the levels on the baby’s development anyway and it would be okay to abort.” She wrote that she felt “devastated” but also appreciated the option of abortion because “the baby would probably be abnormal and not viable anyway.”


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According to IMDB, Marshall-Green and Gaeta got married in 2012 and later divorced in 2020. In the end, it was Gaeta who filed for divorce. The divorce settlement required Marshall-Green to pay Gaeta $4000 a month in child support and $6000 a month is spousal support.