Woman Shares How Ex-Boyfriend Demanded She Wear Makeup to Meet His Friends

When one woman was getting ready to meet her boyfriend’s friends for the first time, she kept her look casual. After all, she didn’t want to impress them with her good looks—just her personality. However, her boyfriend thought she needed to at least put on some makeup in order to meet his crew.

The woman shared the text exchange—which, spoiler alert, did not end well—in a now-viral TikTok video.

After the woman told him that she wasn’t wearing makeup to go out that night, the boyfriend responded asking if she could apply some: “[D]o you mind popping a little bit on as you are meeting my mates and stuff for the first time?” he asked, adding that he didn’t want his friends thinking he’d “pulled a clapped one,” aka British slang for “ugly.”

He went on to explain how first impressions were important to him, which obviously didn’t sit well for the woman. Did he not think she looked pretty without makeup? Was her fun disposition not good enough for his friends? All that mattered was her looks? There were a lot of feelings that came along with this statement.

“Now I don’t want to go because you’ve made me feel bad about it,” the woman finally responded.

You might think at this point, the man would realize he hurt her feelings and digresses—telling her she looks perfect without some concealer and mascara. But instead, he made things ten times worse by giving her a (ridiculous) ultimatum.

“[D]on’t bother then,” he responded. “Either put something on your face or don’t turn up…”

“Why do I always end up with toxic men?” she ended the video, which she posted with the caption, “Here’s to being single in 2022.”

It’s surely never a good sign if your partner starts designating how you dress and what you look like when you’re out in public—and the people of TikTok who saw the video agreed wholeheartedly. “Ain’t no way he thought it was okay to say that,” one person commented.

“Omg that’s so rude!!! They don’t deserve somebody special in their life!!!!!!” another added.

“When I tell you my jaw dropped to the other side of the earth,” another said.

“I’m shocked at the audacity,” said another.

It’s one of those conversations you’ve really got to see to believe—check out the TikTok video below and try not to gasp!

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Have you ever tried to dictate what your partner should look like in public, or had someone do this to you?