Erica Herman Files $30 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Boyfriend Tiger Woods

ProShooter via Deposit Photos

In 2017, Erica Herman was the general manager of The Woods, a restaurant owned by famed golfer Tiger Woods. That’s how the two met, but their working relationship turned to a romantic relationship, and Herman ended up moving into Woods’ mansion where they lived together until October 2022.

In October, Herman claims she was tricked into packing a suitcase for a short vacation. When she returned, she found that she had been locked out of the place she called home for the past five years.

Now, Herman’s attorney has filed two lawsuits, one is against a trust held by Woods and one is against Woods himself. The one against Woods is not for monetary gain but to release Herman from her NDA with Woods. The one against the trust is for $30,000,000, the amount she feels she is owed as damages for being locked out of what was her home.

If Herman is released from her NDA, she would be able to take the case against the trust to court; otherwise, she is required to settle the dispute in private arbitration.

In response to the lawsuits, Woods’ attorney stated, “By suing the Trust over conduct taken by Mr. Woods and his agents following the breakup, Ms. Herman seeks to flout her obligation to resolve all disputes with Mr. Woods in a confidential binding arbitration.” The attorney added, “Instead, in the context of litigation and the publicity that is likely to follow, Ms. Herman improperly seeks to leverage a payment from Mr. Woods in an amount that no arbitral forum would ever award. Such gamesmanship should not be tolerated.”

According to attorney Morgan Fraser Mouchette, who is not involved in either case, there are three possible reasons Herman may have filed these cases. One option is that “she wants to get justice” due to something that happened between herself and Woods. A second option is that she’s upset about being locked out of her home and wants to tell the world her side of the story. A third option is that she wants to put pressure on Woods to settle out of court.

What happens next depends on what happens with the NDA litigation.