English Gangster, Actor, and Author Dave Courtney Dies at 64


Dave Courtney, a prominent figure who claimed to be an associate of the notorious Kray twins, was recently found dead at his home in Plumstead, South London. His death was announced on his Instagram account, revealing that Courtney had “tragically [taken] his own life.” He was 64 years old.

In a statement, his family expressed their sorrow, noting that he had lived “an incredible, colorful rock ‘n’ roll life in which he touched the hearts of so many.” They also mentioned that the physical pain caused by cancer and arthritis, along with the lifestyle he had chosen, had become overwhelming for him.

Dave Courtney had a notorious reputation and was rumored to be the inspiration behind Vinnie Jones’s character “Big Chris” in Guy Ritchie’s iconic gangster film “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.” However, he eventually turned away from a life of crime and pursued a career as an author and actor. Courtney authored six books and starred in a film titled “Hell To Pay.”

In an interview with BBC London last year, Courtney reflected on his past, acknowledging that he may have been “a bit naughty” in his youth. He spoke about the fascination with the word “gangster,” describing it as a historical and romanticized figure of the past, much like knights, cowboys, and pirates. However, he emphasized that trying to be a gangster in today’s world, where technology prevails, was futile.

Dave Courtney’s life had been intertwined with some of the most notorious names in the world of organized crime. He even had a mural on the side of his house that depicted iconic figures such as the Kray twins, Lenny McLean, Joey Pyle, Charlie Richardson, Ronnie Biggs, John Gotti, Roy Shaw, Freddie Foreman, Howard Marks, and Al Capone. He humorously remarked that he found himself stuck in the middle of this mural alongside a group of friends.

In his final Facebook post, Courtney could be seen enjoying a football match, watching Charlton Athletic secure a 4-0 victory against Reading. This image serves as a poignant memory of his last moments.

The Metropolitan Police reported that officers were called to an address on Chestnut Rise in Plumstead following reports of a deceased man. Corutney was pronounced dead at the scene.

While his family has been informed, formal identification has not yet taken place. The circumstances surrounding his unexpected death are currently under investigation, and no arrests have been made.

Check out a tribute to the notorious gangster below.