22-Year-Old Employee Who Was Harassed By Customers Was Given The Entire $1,350 Bill As Compensation By The Restaurant’s Founder

The food service industry is anything but an easy field of work, especially if your role involves customer service. Sometimes customers can be understanding and kind, but other times, customers can be rude, entitled and even inappropriate. A front of house employee named Lily knows this all too well.

Lily is only 22 years old, and she works at a restaurant named Cora. This restaurant is located in Cardiff, United Kingdom, and while she recently had to deal with some unpleasant customers, she thankfully has a great boss.

Lee Skeet is the founder and chef of Cora. One day, a group of rich patrons visited his restaurant and racked up a bill totaling roughly $1350. This was the biggest bill in the restaurant’s history.

Unfortunately, the guests were not nice or respectful of Lily, and she relayed her experience to Lee, who decided to write an email to the guests asking them never to come back to his restaurant.

Lee later posted the email on Twitter explaining that he wasn’t posting it for “clout” or “likes.” Instead, he wanted to make it clear that he was posting it because he believes “we should start calling out rich people who think they can treat people like crap.”

In the email, Lee explained to the patrons that he didn’t want their business because of the way they treated Lily. He wrote that Lily told him they “talked down to, disrespected and touched” her. He added, “I have spent the last hour having conversations with her that break my heart, make me feel like a terrible shit employer, and a terrible dad having my own daughter.”

In the email, Lee originally said he was going to refund their bill to their bank account, but he later changed his mind deciding that instead of refunding the bill he was going to give Lily the payment as a way of compensating her for dealing with these horrible customers.

Lee later praised Lily on Instagram for “her class and integrity.” He added, “Well done mate. You are literally an inspiration to so many people.”