Elon Musk’s Ex-Wife Says He Had Their Therapist Tell Her He Was Ending The Marriage

Jean_Nelson via Deposit Photos

Elon Musk may be brilliant when it comes to business. After all, he’s the man behind Tesla and SpaceX. However, when it comes to marriage and family life, he may not exactly be a role model. For example, Elon’s first ex-wife, Justine Musk, recently shared that he ended their marriage via their marriage therapist.

During the BBC documentary “The Elon Musk Show,” Justine shared, “We were seeing a marital therapist and he got tired of the stress and uncertainty of it. The next day, I went into my therapist’s office and he had left a message for her to tell me that he was filing for divorce. So that was how I found out. One of the more memorable moments of my life.”

Yahoo! Finance reports that Elon and Justine met when they were both in college at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. They dated long distance when Elon transferred to The University of Pennsylvania. They got married in 2000, but their marriage ended in 2008.

During that time, they had multiple children together. Tragically, their first child died of sudden infant death syndrome. Later, they used in vitro fertilization which resulted in the birth of twins and triplets.

Justine told author Walter Isaacson, “I met him when he didn’t have much at all.” She added, “The accumulation of wealth and fame changed the dynamic. I didn’t want to be a sideline player in the multimillion-dollar spectacle of my husband’s life. I wanted equality. I wanted partnership. I wanted to love and be loved, the way we had before he made all his millions.”

While Justine may not love the way Elon chose to end their marriage, she still has a lot of nice things to say about him. For example, she praised him for his innovation saying, “My ex-husband, or as I sometimes like to think of him, my baby daddy, is a visionary. Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX.” Watch the video below to hear more details about their relationship and why she thinks Elon is amazing despite the fact that their marriage didn’t work.