Ellen Has the Best Reaction to Finding Out Pete Davidson Branded Himself for Kim Kardashian

Some people don’t have any tattoos. Some people have one tattoo, maybe something meaningful or something cute they got a long time ago. Other people can’t seem to stop getting tattoos once they start. As Kim Kardashian recently put it when she was a guest on “The Ellen Show,” “That’s what tattoo people do, right? They get tattoos of what’s going on in their life.”

Kim was talking about her boyfriend Pete Davidson who has multiple tattoos. In fact, it turns out that he has gotten multiple new tattoos just since he started dating Kim. Kim described these tattoos as “cute,” but she did not directly answer Ellen when she asked how many tattoos he got for her or what they all looked like.

According to Kim, Pete is getting some of his tattoos removed, but that doesn’t mean that he wants his body to be scar free. In fact, Kim revealed that Pete recently branded himself with her name. It turns out that while a tattoo was “cute,” the branding was even more meaningful, at least to Kim and Pete. Kim described it as “so cute.”

While Kim might think that your boyfriend having a hot piece of metal make a permanent scar on his body with your name is “so cute,” Ellen seemed to need to wrap her mind around this idea a little bit more. She was speechless when Kim first told her the news, and when words finally came to her, she had to regroup by asking about Pete’s other tattoos before she could bring herself to contemplate that Pete actually got branded for Kim.

Watch the video below to hear Kim describe Pete’s tattoos and how getting branded is “so cute.” Be sure to look at Ellen’s face when Kim is describing these tattoos. While Ellen is professional and trying her best to be supportive and understanding, she clearly looks bewildered by this whole concept.

Have you ever gotten a tattoo for a significant other? Has a significant other ever gotten a tattoo for you? If so, did you ever regret that decision? Do you think Pete will ever regret the decision to brand “Kim” onto his body?