What Could Happen To You If You Eat Two Eggs Every Day

If you’re trying to eat “right,” it can often be confusing. It seems that there’s often new information and foods that were once considered bad for you are now considered “healthy” and vice versa. Take chocolate for example. Apparently it’s better than cough syrup if you have a cold. And cheese, it could be the secret to a long life.

“They” say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with so many delicious breakfast options out there, what exactly is the best choice? Certainly not pancakes or waffles, though those are both delicious, and every once in awhile, even on the healthiest diet, we just have to satisfy our cravings.

It turns out that about the best way you can start your day is by eating two or three eggs. We know. Eggs haven’t always been considered the healthiest food, but new research shows that the cholesterol in eggs isn’t actually bad for you.

Not only are eggs not bad for you, it turns out that they are amazingly good for you. Like, if you eat just two eggs every single day you will enjoy benefits like better vision, younger-looking skin and better memory. You’ll even lower your risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Really!

Those aren’t the only benefits either. Watch the video below to learn about 9 amazing things that happen to your body if you eat just two eggs every day.

That’s a lot of benefits! While you could take supplements for things like calcium and vitamin D, you could get all you need just by eating eggs. It certainly sounds like a wonder food to us, and there are so many delicious ways to eat them.

We love the recipes included in the video above, but if none of them caught your fancy or if you’d like even more variety, we can help you out. This link includes 25 of our favorite ways to eat eggs for breakfast. Many of them are super easy and some can even be prepared ahead of time for busy weekday mornings.

Although we love eating breakfast food for dinner from time to time, they are plenty of ways to prepare eggs that are more appropriate for meals later in the day. This link includes of our favorite ways to eat eggs for dinner.

Do you eat eggs every day? If not, are you going to start? Did you know that eggs had so many health benefits?