We’re Searching for the Egg Among the Bunnies In This Easter-Themed Puzzle

Gergely Dudás

It’s almost Easter! Do you know what that means? The Easter bunny is coming out to play, egg hunts are being performed, and a basket full of jelly beans, Reese’s eggs and marshmallow Peeps are being devoured.

What Easter also means? For Gergely Dudás (aka “Dudolf”), it means another seasonal seek-and-find puzzle.

Dudlof is most famous for these seek-and-find picture games, where he illustrates a bunch of a similar object with one nearly similar object weaved in that you need to find. The hidden object could be anywhere and typically blends in with the other objects in the photo.

While he makes tons of photos of animals to objects and everything in between, he’s also known for his holiday-relevant puzzles. For example, before Halloween, he shared his puzzle of a sea of ghosts where one single polar bear was hiding. When Thanksgiving rolled around, his brain-teasing creation was full of autumn harvest fun: a photo of tons of adorable squirrels in which just one measly mouse is hidden. And around Christmas time, he was it again: He asked us to find Santa’s hat among all the snowmen in this picture.

Now? He has, of course, created an Easter-themed puzzle to stump our candy-frazzled brains.

His new Easter-themed illustration is filled with dozens of adorable muted colored bunnies, each one cheerier than the next. One is holding a carrot, as bunnies do. Two are ready to paint the town (or an Easter egg) blue. One is wearing a top hat with his ears peeking through, and the other is donning a dapper red bow tie. There’s even a little chicklet who makes an appearance.

See the photo below!

The photo will really bring you right into the Easter spirit—well, until you realize none of those things are actually what Dudlof is asking you to find.

The hidden object this one is a plain old egg.

And at first glance, the egg seems near impossible to locate. In fact, we’re pretty sure he probably just forgot to include the egg in this photo.

But ask you continue to skim, it might finally pop out at you.

Give it a crack. (No pun intended).

Still haven’t found it? Good thing Dudlof always offers a solutions page, where you can click to find the answer.

How long did it take you to find the egg? What other Dudlof puzzles have had you completely stumped?