Frustrated App Addicts Are Turning to This ‘Dumb Phone’ That Can Only Make Calls and Send Texts

Do you remember a time when you didn’t have a smartphone in your pocket? Is that just us? Are we the only ones old enough to actually remember using a pay phone?

While it was terribly inconvenient not to have a phone, we all survived somehow. There was no other option.

The advent of the cell phone was a little bit life-changing. We’re not going to lie. We loved how much safer we felt knowing that we had a phone with us at all times. Car trouble? We can call AAA from almost anywhere. Running late for a lunch date? No problem. We’ll just text our friends to let them know.

Then came the smartphone, and once again, it was life-changing. We now carry around a tiny computer in our pocket. We look at it more than we would probably like to admit. Social media apps are completely addictive, and we also love that we can take pretty impressive photos, mainly of our kids, and share them quickly and easily.

There are times that we’ve yearned for the days when we didn’t feel like we were attached to our cell phone all the time, but we definitely don’t want to go back to the days when we weren’t able to make a phone call from pretty much anywhere.

Are you with us?

Then you might be interested in the new Light Phone 2. In the days of technology getting more and more advanced and apps sucking in more and more of our time, the company Light has created a phone that only includes minimal features.

The Light Phone 2 can make calls, send texts, set alarms and send simple directions. It also tells you what time it is and allows you to enter contact information. That’s pretty much it. No apps. No social media. No games. Not even a camera app.

While this phone would’ve been high tech a couple decades ago, today it is revolutionary for being so “dumb.”

Maybe this sounds like your idea of hell, or maybe it sounds like a relief.

Light is hoping the new phone appeals to the older generation who finds iPhones and Android devices a little bit complicated. They also hope it appeals to anyone who wants to ditch the apps, either permanently or occasionally.

This phone could be your only phone, or it could be an extra phone for times when you want to force yourself to look up and enjoy the world and the friends and family around you. You could still own a smartphone, but you could leave the smartphone at home sometimes and still have a phone with you for emergencies. You could own a smartphone and a dumb phone.

For more information about the Light Phone 2, check out the video below.

Would you be able to give up your smartphone for a dumb phone? Do you think the Light Phone 2 would be a good companion phone?