See Why This DoorDash Driver goes Viral on TikTok

DoorDash is one of several very convenient food delivery services if you’re hungry but don’t have time or the motivation to run to your favorite restaurant to pick up your food yourself. It also allows restaurants that don’t have an in-house delivery driver to provide delivery to their customers.

When you place an order on DoorDash, it would be considered customary to include a tip for the delivery driver, but just like when you’re seated at a restaurant, it is not required. While not tipping may be frowned upon, it is an option, and some people take advantage of that option.

What you may not know about your DoorDash order is that if it doesn’t include a tip or if the tip is very small, you may not get your order as quickly as you would otherwise. One former DoorDasher who goes by @dashingtrader on TikTok, has posted multiple videos about his experience on the job. According to @dashingtrader, customer orders that don’t include a tip tend to just pile up at the restaurant while other orders that do include a tip get picked up first.

Not only is @dashingtrader alerting potential customers on TikTok to what may happen to their order if they don’t tip (it may never get delivered or might be cold when it does), but he is also calling out his customers on camera when they don’t tip or don’t tip as much as he would like.

In one controversial video, he confronts customers while he delivers their order by asking if they’ve heard of “no tip no trip.” When the customers tell him they did leave a tip, he argues that it wasn’t enough.

@dashingtrader Multiple CLOWN Encounters 2! 🤡💪🤣 #shorts #foryou ♬ original sound – DashingTrader

Viewers are not on the Dasher’s side. One person wrote, “Door Dash should be the one paying the salary not up to the customers.”

Another viewer wrote, “Here’s a tip, quit and get a better job and maybe some therapy for entitlement.”

In another video, he is seen rifling through the bag containing a customer’s order to see what exactly they ordered. This left some viewers appalled. One person wrote, “no matter if they tipped or not u have no right messing with his food.” @dashingtrader responded to the comment, “only non tippers get mad at this video.”

@dashingtrader This DOORDASH Customer Only Tip $1. Smh #viral #fyp #Doordash ♬ original sound – DashingTrader

A spokesperson for DoorDash told, “The Dasher was deactivated, and we apologize to the customers for this uncomfortable experience and not meeting the high expectations they deserve.”

Do you use DoorDash? If so, do you leave a tip?