We’ve Seen Countless Doorbell Videos, But This Is One We Won’t Forget

NBC 6 South Florida

Ring video camera doorbells are helpful in multiple ways. For starters, you can see who is at the door even if you’re not home by having the Ring connected to your cell phone. That also means that you can talk to someone at the door whether you’re home or not.

In addition to being used as a doorbell, Ring is also a video camera, and even when you don’t ring the doorbell, it is recording what is happening outside the door. Ring cameras have captured everything from airplane crashes to delivery people leaving messages for the homeowners, but the latest Ring doorbell video we saw was even more unusual. It captured a woman giving birth in a parking lot.

NBC 6 South Florida

If you talk to a lot of moms about their experience giving birth, you will hear a variety of different stories. Some were in labor for many hours and chose to get an epidural. Others had childbirth via c-section either for necessary or voluntary reasons. There are also women who choose natural birth at a birthing center or at home instead of at a hospital, and there are women whose labor is so short that they can’t even make it to the hospital before the baby is born.

Susan Anderson lives in Florida with her husband Joseph Anderson. She was pregnant with her second child and went into labor. Since this was the couple’s second child, they knew what to do. They hopped in the car and headed to the location where Susan planned to give birth, a birthing center called Natural BirthWorks. The plan was for Susan to give birth via a water birth with the help of a midwife named Sandra Lovaina.

On the way to the birthing center, Susan told her husband that she felt like she needed to push. She felt the baby coming.

They made it to the parking lot at the birthing center, and Joseph called ahead to tell them what his wife was saying. When they arrived, Sandra ran outside to help, and it’s a good thing she did. As the doorbell camera shows, Susan and Joseph made it out of their car, but they weren’t even on the sidewalk yet when Sandra caught new baby, Julia, who was born in the parking lot. Susan even still had her shorts on at the time.

Watch the video below to see the doorbell camera footage for yourself. Notice the two police officers who showed up to help. They look in shock at what’s happening as well.