In a shocking turn of events, Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, has recently filed disturbing allegations against her son, Raman Dalithando Dlamini, accusing him of abusive behavior towards both her and the renowned singer.

The distressing details emerged in court documents filed on January 12 in Los Angeles Superior Court, where Sawyer, aged 62, requested a temporary restraining order against her 30-year-old son, emphasizing the need for protection for both herself and her daughter, Doja Cat.

According to the court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Doja Cat’s brother has been accused of causing physical harm and emotional distress. The allegations include incidents where he allegedly knocked out his mother’s teeth, causing a series of cuts and bruises, leaving her feeling “unsafe and traumatized.”

The filing further claims that Raman engaged in verbal assaults, creating a degrading and demeaning environment that deeply affected Doja Cat’s well-being.

Sawyer also accuses Raman of theft and destruction of the Grammy winner’s belongings, adding a layer of distress to the already troubling situation. The documents outline instances of physical abuse over the past year, with allegations of choking and threats to kill. The most recent violent incident is claimed to have occurred in early January.

Remarkably, Doja Cat’s mother reveals that she had previously been granted temporary restraining orders against Raman since 2017, although these orders have now expired, leading to the recent legal actions.

As of now, representatives for Doja Cat have not responded to requests for comment from PEOPLE.

In the midst of these distressing revelations, Doja Cat was unveiled as one of the headlining acts for the upcoming Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2024. This announcement comes alongside other notable performers such as Lana Del Rey and Tyler, the Creator, promising an eclectic musical experience. Scheduled to headline on April 14 and 21, Doja Cat’s inclusion in the lineup contrasts starkly with the somber familial allegations.

Despite the personal turmoil, Doja Cat has been making waves in the music industry. Her latest album, “Scarlet,” released in September 2023, has received attention and praise. The album, which followed the success of “Planet Her” in June 2021, earned nominations for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 64th Grammy Awards.

As we learn about the challenges in Doja Cat’s personal life, how do you think such revelations impact the public’s perception of artists?