7 Things That Happen When You Share Your Bed With Your Dog

You’ve probably heard for years that letting your dog onto your bed is a bad idea. Depending on what your dog has gotten into that day, they could be dirty or even carrying dangerous germs. Plus, cleaning up that dog hair (or those muddy paw prints) is such a pain in the neck. And a slobbery 7 AM wake up call? Maybe not the best thing to look forward to everyday. We get why people don’t want their dog sleeping with them, truly, we do – but we also get why some people love to sleep with their dog! Not only is it fun to cuddle with your four-legged best friend, but there are actually some surprisingly legitimate ways that sleeping with your pooch positively influences your health. Check out these seven reasons why you should share your bed with Fido tonight.

1. Dogs Ease Anxiety

Therapy dogs have proven an effective treatment of anxiety and stress worldwide – so it would make sense that they can bring that ease and relaxation to your bed, too! You don’t have to be cuddling or playing with your pooch, just touching a dog will release chemicals that calm you down, even at your most stressed.

2. Dogs Provide Protection

Let’s face it, we all feel a little more secure knowing that our dog is watching over us at night. Despite having the capacity to actually physically protect you against anyone meaning to do you harm, you get a deep sense of calmness knowing that you’re being protected at your most vulnerable. This ease of mind actually helps you relax and sleep better, studies have found.

3. Dogs Keep Us Warm

Is there anything warmer than cuddling with your dog? Besides their high body temperatures, that fur is just the coziest thing to cuddle up into! If you live in a colder area, or if you’re going through a cold season, bringing your pup into bed with you is a surefire way to keep warm at night.

Interested in cutting heat costs? Your dog might be the answer you’re searching for!

4. Dogs Love The Attention

No one is going to love this argument more than your four-legged friend. Dog’s love to be loved, so letting them come up onto your cozy bed and get cuddled by you all night long? That is your pet’s dream come true, right there. Barring, maybe, running through a field of bacon.

5. Dogs Comfort Us During Sleep

A recent study found that the sense of security you get from sleeping with your dog — knowing that they’re keeping you safe, like we mentioned above —  actually helps insomnia and gets you a better night’s sleep. What does this come down to? Comfort. Dogs help to provide an anxiety-free sleep, which helps your brain shut down for the night without any fuss. Your ticket to a better night’s sleep might be right at the foot of your bed.

6. Dogs Are Good For Our Brain Chemistry

Those feelings of stress-relief, safety, and comfort from our dogs are actually reactions taking place in our brain. Related to feelings of safety and calm, touching pets raises levels of oxytocin in our bodies. Oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle chemical,” increases our feelings of relaxation, trust, and psychological stability. Releasing these chemicals is not just beneficial for your mood and mental health, but it’s actually healthy for the brain, too.

7. Dogs Prevent Depression

You probably saw this coming, but dogs are a huge help for people struggling with depression. Those oxytocins encourage happiness and leave us with a sense of mental well-being and security. On top of these neurological and chemical benefits, studies have found simply having the undivided attention and loyal love of a dog is enough to help you battle depression.


What do you think of this reasoning? Will you try out sleeping with your dog – or do you already? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.