DIY Help for Your Itchy Scratchy Dog

Bath your dog with a basic oatmeal dog shampoo, rinse with warm water until all the shampoo is removed. Brew about a dozen tea bags in a pitcher of boiled water. Allow it to cool and pour it over your dog for the last rinse and let it dry.

Treat any sores or “hot spots” by dabbing on Mylanta anti-acid liquid using a cotton ball. This will dry up the hot spot within a day or two – apply it twice a day with a cotton ball dipped in Mylanta until all the lesions are gone.

Feed a wheat free dog food i.e., Wellness or Avoderm, and suspend all treats. If you want to treat your dog – give it a slice of apple or a small piece of boiled chicken. If itching continues, give OTC Benadryl capsule twice a day.