DIY Food Projects to Brag About

In an effort to save money, you may give up things like take-out food or going out to bars for beer and delicious nibbles on a normal basis. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite treats. Lifehacker’s Top 10 is featuring some of the best recipes for the best-tasting food projects that you can brag about. Take a look at a couple of their ideas:

  • Make Crispy Wings at Home in the Oven: the trick to making wings like you’d get at the bar is baking powder along with some overnight, open-air refrigeration. The wings you’ll make at home will be healthier for you and you can brag about having created bar-style wings in the comfort of your own home. Head herefor the recipe.
  • Fry KFC-Style Chicken at Home: if you’re looking for MSG-free KFC-style chicken, you can try this technique.

To find out how to make your own fresh bread without a bread maker, how to brew your own beer or soda, and much more, head on over to Top 10 DIY Food Geek Projects.