Diva Loses It With Security Guard At Cannes Film Festival

Kelly Rowland, former Destiny’s Child star, made headlines at the Cannes Film Festival after a heated interaction with a security guard. The incident occurred at the premiere of the French film “Marcello Mio” on Tuesday when a female security guard attempted to guide Rowland up the red steps. The singer’s reaction to the gesture sparked controversy and led to accusations of diva-like behavior.

An insider revealed to the Daily Mail that the tension had been building throughout the event. “The people who are assigned to helping stars walk the red carpet were being aggressive and Kelly was trying to ignore it,” the source claimed.

By the time Rowland encountered the final guard, she had reached her breaking point. The guard scolded Rowland, telling her to move while she was trying to wave to fans and help the paparazzi get their shot. In response, Rowland scowled and held up her left index finger to admonish the guard in front of everyone.

The insider further explained Rowland’s perspective, stating, “She doesn’t care if she comes across like a diva if she knows that she is advocating for herself. She isn’t fake.” Rowland’s reaction was reportedly an effort to set a clear boundary with the aggressive security staff. Despite the negative attention, Rowland remains unapologetic about her actions.

This incident at Cannes isn’t the first time Rowland has faced accusations of diva-like behavior. Earlier this year, she walked off the set of the “Today” show due to dissatisfaction with the dressing rooms. Her abrupt departure prompted guest Rita Ora to step in as co-host at the last minute. Co-anchor Hoda Kotb expressed her disappointment, admitting she was bummed about Rowland’s actions and even offered to share her changing room with the pop star.

In response to the “Today” show incident, Rowland’s representative issued a statement, describing her as “one of the kindest, most amiable humans I have ever met and have had the blessing to represent.” The statement, however, did not address her walk-off directly.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Rowland was attending the premiere of “Marcello Mio” when the incident with the security guard occurred. The singer’s displeasure with the guard’s aggressive behavior was evident as she scolded her in front of the assembled crowd. The incident quickly became a talking point, with many discussing whether Rowland’s reaction was justified or a sign of diva behavior.

While Rowland’s rep did not immediately return requests for comment from Page Six, the situation highlights the often tense interactions between celebrities and event staff.

Do you think Kelly Rowland’s reaction to the security guard’s behavior at the Cannes Film Festival was justified, or do you see it as diva-like behavior?