Comedian Nails the Difference Between Dog People and Cat People

Trey Kennedy via YouTube

There are two types of people in this world: Dog people and cat people. People who prefer dogs are much different than those who favor the felines—and comedian Trey Kennedy has a lot to say about it in his most recent video.

Trey posts hilarious and relatable videos on his YouTube channel Trey Kennedy Studios—everything from “Everyone’s Relationship with Netflix,” which paints a (not so) pretty picture of what we all look like when we binge-watch Netflix to “What Most Girls Are Like When Fall Rolls Around,” (hello pumpkin spice latte digs!). He has even created a video on what would happen if 2020 and 2021 had a conversation, and hits the nail on the head (hint: 2020 is drinking a corona beer, go figure).

In his most recent act, Trey demonstrates just how different dog people can be than cat people. His depictions correlate with how you’d imagine a dog and a cat are in real life. If you had to guess, the dog would be more extroverted than a cat, right?

That’s exactly how Trey depicts their owners. In fact, Trey even makes a joke that dog people hate 2020 because they can’t socialize their pup—cat people? They love being quarantined, naturally. How else will they have time to watch lions rip apart a gazelle carcass on TV?

As dogs get massively excited about the mundane, dog people are equally excited for the small things. And when they want to share their joy with others, they jump up and down and happily scream. Those cat people? They’re intellectual being. They find joy in the quiet and show excitement in other ways (by not showing excitement).

Trey depicts dog people as way peppier than cat people—dog people encourage others to pet their dog and cat people discourage others interacting. Dog people run with their dogs—cat people sit with them. Dog people will invite anyone with a dog over their house—and cat people just want to be left alone (even sometimes without their cat!).

We’ve gotta say: Trey totally nails the differences between dog and cat people. If you resonate with one or the other, you’re going to want to watch his video below!

Do you have a dog or cat? Do you think Trey depicted dog and cat people accurately? Which one do you resonate with more? Did he leave any personality traits out for either one? We’d love to hear your thooughts!