Woman Upset Because She Didn’t Get Any Christmas Gifts After She Got Presents For Everyone Else In Her Family

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Who creates Christmas magic? Is it Santa? No. It’s parents, actually, it’s often moms.

One mom posted a series of videos on TikTok about Christmas morning this year. She explained that she “went all out” for her kids. Meanwhile, her husband didn’t even get her one gift.

In her first post about the topic, she shared a video which stated, “I know I’m not the only mom who woke up Christmas morning with not a single present under the tree for them as you watched your kids and husband unwrap the presents you spent all month stressing over.”

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Many, many other moms could relate to her video all too well. They shared that they too never received gifts for Christmas unless it was something they bought for themselves. One person wrote, “This happened to me. It wasn’t that I didn’t get a gift, it’s that no one even noticed that I didn’t have a gift.”

Another person wrote, “Thank you for this post. I feel less alone in the world.”

Other TikTok users explained that not getting a gift isn’t even what hurts, it’s about “knowing someone did or did not think about you.”

Have you heard of the book The Five Love Languages? If you haven’t, the premise is that there are 5 different ways that people feel most loved. Each person has one love language that impacts them the most. One of these love languages is called Gifts. We’re thinking it’s safe to say that the person who posted this video has Gifts as one of her dominant love languages. Unfortunately, her husband must not.

In a follow up video, she thanked everyone for their “positive and uplifting comments.” Then she went on to explain that she has been married to her husband for 7 years, and he has never really given her gifts. She has told him that this “bugs” her, but she added that as a mom she focuses on her kids.

Here’s why we’re pretty sure her love language is Gifts. She said, “Getting something from your husband it just makes you feel special and loved and appreciated.” Spoken like a true Gifts person. If you’re not gifts and your significant other is, take note. Gifts can be extremely important.

At the end of the video she mentioned that her family has “gone through a lot in the past 2 years” including “loss” and “sadness.” She thought that due to these extra hardships her husband would go out of his way to make Christmas special for her. She was wrong.

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In a second update post, she expanded on what exact “loss” and “sadness” she was talking about. First, she mentioned that her mom passed away in 2021 at the age of 45. That same year, at 20 weeks pregnant, she was admitted to the hospital with Covid. She ended up losing her baby after being in the hospital for two weeks. She shared that she “missed the holidays” that year.

She added, “Moms make the magic happen most of the time.” She said she told her husband that they needed to make up for last Christmas this Christmas. She explained that going through so much loss made her appreciate life even more and she thought that it would also cause her husband to show her how much he appreciates her. She expected at least one gift.

She made sure her kids “got spoiled” this year at Christmas. She said she “went all out.” Meanwhile, her husband didn’t even get her one gift, which left her feeling “pretty upset.”

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If you can relate to not getting any gifts from your significant other, we recommend letting them know that gifts are important to you at special times like Christmas because they make you feel noticed and appreciated and they let you know that someone is thinking about you. If your significant other is extra bad at buying gifts, we also suggest using Amazon’s wish list feature and sharing your list with them to give them an idea of the types of gifts that would be appropriate.

Here’s to hoping more moms feel appreciated for creating so much magic.