Defrost Windshield in Seconds with Weatherman’s Solution

It might not be winter according to the calendar until December 21, but for all practical intents and purposes, the season of snow and ice has definitely arrived. That means a lot of great things – Christmas, cocoa, snuggling up with loved ones – but it also means that all conversations are turning to one subject: the weather, and how to survive it.

Even if you LOVE winter and snow, there’s one aspect of the cold weather that’s sure to drive you – and all of us – insane: frosted car windows. Since visibility is, of course, vital to car and driving safety, and since frosted, foggy and iced windows decrease visibility dramatically, getting rid of those cold visual impediments isn’t a step any of us can skip— but goodness, is it annoying.

After all, there’s nothing worse than rolling out of your warm bed to go to work, getting dressed, stumbling outside, only to find you have to do a little manual labor. If you’re already running late and that frost was totally unexpected— well, that’s even worse. What we need is a solution that speeds up the process and makes it a little easier, and luckily for all of us, we’ve got Ken Weathers and another kind of “solution” on our side.

Who’s Ken Weathers? A meteorologist with Knoxville, Tennessee’s ABC channel WATE 6, and he’s here to share his secret solution for getting morning frost off your car in seconds without heavy scraping OR spending minutes heating up your car. We’ll let him take it away with the explanation, so give it a watch, then read on for our simple step-by-step recap.

See how simple this solution is? All you need to do is combine:

  • 1 part water
  • 2 parts rubbing/isopropyl alochol

That’s it! Bring the two together, and you have instant, easy, DIY frost-fighting spray. When you need to defrost your windows, simply spray it on your iced-over and/or frosty windshield, and watch how much easier it becomes – in seconds! – to both see and to de-ice. That’s some wintertime magic, right there.

It works because of the incredibly low freezing point of isopropyl alcohol – about 128 degrees below water’s freezing point! – so you can even leave this magic spray in your car to have on hand for any unexpected frost.

As Ken reminds us in the video, NEVER pour hot water on a frozen or cold window. The glass WILL crack and will be a safety hazard. Cold water only!

Now you tell us— have you ever tried this solution before? Did it work well for you? What’s your favorite approach to de-frosting and de-icing your car in the morning? Share your tricks and tips with us and your fellow winter weather warriors in the comments!