Death Of Beauty Influencer With 1.2 million Instagram Followers Called ‘Mysterious’

Maja Janeska, who was known as Maya Mia on social media, was an influencer with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She was a makeup artist, a stylist and vocal about her political views. Tragically, at the age of 39 years old, she was found dead in her bedroom.

According to Janeska’s family, she “feared for her life.” One of Janeska’s relatives spoke to News24 after her death explaining, “Our phones haven’t stopped ringing; this is all new to us. We are in Europe, and our hands are tied because we can’t come to South Africa because of visa issues. [Janeska] is lying there in some mortuary, and we don’t have any clue as to what is actually happening.”

The relative described Janeska’s death as an “absolute shock” and added, “She sometimes feared for her life. Her boyfriend had men working for him, and she feared them also. We are heartbroken, and we seriously don’t know what to do.”

Janeska had been dating cigarette tycoon Kyle Phillips. They lived together in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she died on December 2, 2022. At the time of her death, Phillips was reportedly brushing his teeth in the bathroom when he heard a gunshot coming from the bedroom. He reportedly found Janeska’s dead body.


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Lt. Col. Mavela Masondo, a spokesperson for the police, provided a statement about what happened when the police arrived at the residence. Masondo explained, “Upon arrival at the address given, police found a woman in the bedroom with a gunshot wound on the head.” Masondo added, “There was a firearm next to her. The woman was certified dead by the paramedics.”

Was her death a suicide? Was she murdered? Iva Ristic, one of Janeska’s close friends, doesn’t think it could have been a suicide. She told News24 that she talked to Janeska just days before her death. Ristic said, “I spoke to her on Thursday, and she wasn’t suicidal. She was not that kind of person.” She continued, “She had just got back from a diplomatic trip in Macedonia. She was such a beautiful woman, full of life, very talented and ambitious. She was well-acquainted with ministers in the country and chefs. She loved life, and I fail to understand why someone would harm her in any way.”

On social media, some of her followers point their finger at Phillips, wondering if he murdered her, but according to Phillips’ ex-wife, Tracey, he was “devastated and in shock by this tragedy.”

Meanwhile, police refused to reveal who owned the gun found beside Janeska, but they did say that her death was “not being treated as suspicious.”

Do you think her death sounds suspicious?