Find Out the Best Way to Deal with Gray Hair

Whether you get annoyed or panicked or sad, it’s normal to feel less-than-happy when you spot those infamous gray hairs looking back at you in the mirror. Some of us might take it in stride and not mind these gray strands, but for those of us who freak at the sight of white, take a second before you go to plucking your problem away.

The adage is that when you pluck one gray hair, three more grow back – hopefully, a different shade. But is this fact or fiction?

Recent studies have found that this is, in fact, a myth. Plucking gray hairs not only doesn’t produce three more, but it increases your chances of your hair in that area growing back weaker or not growing back period, resulting in bald spots.

This goes for your eyebrows as well. Hair follicles become much weaker when forcefully removed, making your chances slimmer of growing back hair just as strong as the gray you removed.

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So the next time you see those grays, do NOT pull out your tweezers! To safely deal with these nuisances, turn to coloring.

You wouldn’t be alone if you did; a 2008 study found 75% of American women dye their hair. When it comes to dyeing, there is no shame – but there are right and wrong ways to go about the process.

Generally, there are two coloring options. Either you use semi-permanent dye yourself or you enlist a professional for the dye job.

Keep in mind that once your hair is dyed, it needs to be colored approximately every two months (sometimes sooner with strong, fast-growing hair) to avoid ghastly roots. It’s also crucial to remember that gray hair is often much weaker than other hair might be. For that reason, it’s important to use products that keep your gray locks hydrated and strong.

For those of you groaning internally thinking about the whole process, have hope; researchers from the Institute for Pigmentary Disorders in association with E.M. Arndt University of Greifswald, Germany have been studying what causes hair to gray.

In a 2009 study, they explained that people’s hair goes gray because of massive oxidative stress caused by a build up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles. This causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out – a.k.a. “go gray”.

With this discovery in pigmentation, scientists are confident they are on the path to scientifically prevent hair from graying.

You read that right.

While many think this is overkill and graying is a natural process of the body, I don’t have to tell you there are more than a few people who will be lining up to get whatever futuristic product can produce this miracle for the mane.