Michigan Dad’s School Security Invention Gains Popularity Amid School Shooting Crisis

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After the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting, school security is at the top of everyone’s minds. Surely there has to be a way to prevent such a tragedy from ever occurring again. The Lockout Co. thinks they have invented the solution.

The Lockout Co. started when a dad wanted to help schools protect students and teachers from school shootings. He realized that simple locks on doors didn’t always prevent gunmen from entering the classrooms. They wanted to create a more secure way to lock classroom doors while also alerting authorities that there was a security breach.

Rob Couturier founded The Lockout Company and invented the Smart Boot system. According to the company website, the Smart Boot system was designed “to provide comprehensive safety, security and connectivity to schools of all sizes.” The system can detect gunfire and the location of the gunfire. When a gunshot is heard, the system alerts police and the system activates. Red flashing lights indicate lockdown mode. 

The Smart Boot, which is the key to locking classroom doors, “can withstand 16,000 pounds of force” but is easy enough to install during a lockdown that a child can do it. It can just as easily be removed by someone inside the classroom.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Smart Boot system, including why it was created and how it works.

As mentioned in the video above, there has recently been a drastic increase in the number of schools that have expressed interest in the Smart Boot system. Also as mentioned in the video, the Smart Boot can also be installed in buildings other than schools including churches and businesses.

Do you think more schools should install the Smart Boot system? Do you think the shooting in Uvalde would have been prevented if the Smart Boot system had been had been installed in Robb Elementary School?