Watch What The Twin In Pink Does After Dad Puts Them Next To Each Other


Siblings who are similar ages don’t always get along, but they still have a special bond. Growing up together in the same house gives them plenty of opportunities to play together and to get in trouble together.

While siblings have a strong bond, the bond between twins is even stronger. Their relationship starts the moment they are conceived as they grow together inside their mother’s womb. Long before they are born, they are each other’s first best friends.

Nothing shows the incredible bond between twins more than seeing twins when they are babies. If you have ever seen twin babies together, you may have noticed that they even seem to have their own secret language before they learn the language their parents speak.

While we may not understand what these newborn twin babies are saying to each other, they certainly seem to understand, and it’s fascinating to watch.

If you have never seen twin babies talk to each other before, you’re in for a special treat. One dad managed to record his twin babies right before they started a passionate conversation.

In the video, one baby is dressed in pink, and the other baby is dressed in blue. Otherwise, they look identical. The baby in pink is laying down, while the baby in blue is sitting up. As soon as the baby in pink sees the baby in blue, the baby’s eyes open wide, and this baby starts a conversation. The words may sound like babble to us, but to the baby in blue, who answers back, the conversation seems to have great meaning.

Watch the video below to see this adorable conversation between twin babies for yourself.

Do you know any twins who seem to have an extra strong bond? What do you think the babies in the video above are talking about?