Dad Gets Trolled After Bragging About How Smart His Kids Are in a Series of Tweets

Young father with his son at home texting on smartphone.halfpoint via DepositPhotos

You never know what someone is going to share on social media that is going to cause a controversy or go viral. Often, the person who posts the comment, picture or video is surprised when it takes off or gets a lot of comments they weren’t expecting.

We’re not sure what prompted Twitter user Adam Lane Smith who goes by @TheBrometheus to brag about his children on Twitter. He wrote about how well they can hold a conversation at such a young age and how impressed everyone is by it. He seems to believe their vocabulary is due to his and his wife’s refusal to talk baby talk to their children.

In a follow-up tweet, it seems that Smith’s goal was to plug his book and promote homeschooling.

Twitter users are not nearly as impressed with Smith’s children’s vocabulary and conversation skills as his friends and family are. In fact, they are poking fun at his statement and criticizing him. Scroll down for some of the best responses.