“When Your Dad Is An Expert In Special Effects”

@Enezator via Twitter

As a kid, you learn a lot about what your parents do for a living. Some adults have typical careers—you know: a teacher, fire fighter, lawyer, etc. Of course, nothing is wrong with these jobs. They’re great! But some adults take a more creative route. For example, one dad who decided to become an expert in creating special effects on videos.

This dad really showed off his skills in a now viral Twitter video. He took various videos of his son and daughter doing typical daily things—drawing on the driveway with chalk or riding their bike—and used his expertise in special effects to make all of these simple activities truly come alive in the most unbelievable way. After taking a bunch of video clips of hi skids, he added special effects to really make the activities even more exciting.

In the video, the little kids are seen taking turns doing various activities—but something crazy always seems to happen. For example, when his son was drawing simple circles on the driveway with chalk, he was then carried away into the sky in a UFO. A little ride on a tricycle through the screened-in porch suddenly turned into the need to duck and cover through all the missiles that planes overhead propelled. As if that wasn’t enough, a simple run through the sprinkler caused his son to completely vanish into thin air. Don’t worry, he returns just a moment later.

The video is filled with tons of everyday activities turned imaginative like this. Each one is better than the next. Not only is this dad skilled in special effects, but he’s also clearly had some super creative ideas to make his visions come alive. See for yourself—take a look at the incredible special effects video below.

The video received tons of praise for how cool it was.

“This is incredible,” someone wrote.

“Spectacular!! So much fun,” another person echoed.

“Absolutely love this,” said another.

What do you think of this video? Do you know how to create illusions in videos like this? What other special effects would you like to see next?