Woman Shares Crucial Lessons She Learned Working In a Corporate Job and Goes Viral

Corporate life is not for everyone, and one thing that we’ve learned from personal experience is that corporate culture can vary vastly from company to company. While one corporation’s core values, goals and culture can be quite different than those at another corporation, there are some things that are pretty much the same no matter where you work, especially if you work for a big corporation.

One TikToker who goes by @taha_haha_ has shared multiple life lessons that she learned while working at a corporate job. In the video, she is typing at a keyboard in what looks like a cubicle of an office building. Over her image we see her advice typed out on the screen. This advice includes lessons she has learned such as “saying ‘no’ is sometimes necessary” and the importance of using paid time off. Watch her video for yourself below.

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This video was so popular that @taha_haha_ has now shared four more videos that include even more life lessons she has learned while working at a corporate job. These follow up videos include advice about applying and interviewing for a job as well as advice about how and when to ask for a raise.

Watch this video to learn why it’s a bad idea to submit the exact same resume to every job and what to do instead.

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Watch this video to learn how and when to ask for a raise.

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What advice have you learned from your job experience? Do you agree with @taha_haha_’s work advice?