Crowds Flood Texas Bakery With Support After They Lose Large Order in Response to Their Pride Month Cookies

Confections via Facebook

In case you don’t already know, June is Pride month. The LGBTQ+ community often uses a flag decorated with the colors of the rainbow to show their Pride.

In honor of Pride month, one small bakery in Texas called Confections decided to make a special cookie. The cookie is heart-shaped and decorated with the rainbow colors of the Pride flag. The bakery posted a picture of this cookie on Facebook along with the text “More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here.

Confections was shocked when their Pride cookie post resulted in a customer canceling a large order. The order was for 5 dozen cookies that were supposed to be picked up the next day. The bakery had just finished decorating the cookies for the order when they found out about the cancelation.

In response, Confections posted about this surprising turn of events on Facebook and mentioned that the cookies from the canceled order would be available for individual sale instead.

In the post, the bakery wrote “hopefully tomorrow will be better.” They had no idea. So many people showed up the next day, that customers had to wait in line outside for a chance to buy the bakery’s cookies and show their support.

The bakery ended up selling out, but that didn’t stop customers from wanting to help. Multiple people donated money since there was nothing left to buy.

The owners of Confections are very grateful for the outpouring of support, and they’re also a little overwhelmed. Their only intention is to make people happy with their cookies.

Besides the people who showed up in person at the bakery, many people on Facebook wrote supportive comments and even donated money. One person commented, “Sending love from another side of the world.”

Another comment reads, “Writing from Michigan to say that it’s not always pretty, but love will always prevail. Thank you for being and speaking your truth.”

Some people from out of state are even planning trips to visit the bakery. “With Love from Boston! We travel to East Texas every couple of years! Your bakery will be on our next trip!”

Confections doesn’t want donations. They will be passing the donations on to an animal shelter and encourage others to donate to an animal shelter as well.

This real life story is almost like the plot of a movie where a well-meaning idea ends up having an unexpected negative outcome, but it all turns out more than ok.