Crayola Is Releasing 5-Packs of Reusable Face Masks for Kids and They’re a Back-to-School Necessity

It’s mid-July which means that one thing is usually on the top of parents’ shopping list – back to school supplies. Actually, that’s way more than one item. Kids need new clothes, shoes, notebooks, crayons, a backpack and whatever else is on the teacher or school’s shopping list.

This year there’s an extra item on those shopping lists – face masks.

Yes, it’s back to school shopping in the age of the coronavirus, and things are certainly going to be different this year. Different schools are going to be making different decisions about whether or not children will be attending school in person, online or some sort of combination, but if there’s a chance your children will be attending school in person, you’ll definitely need some kid-sized face masks for them to wear.

Let’s be honest. You’re going to need a bunch of face masks for them to wear. We think a conservative estimate would be 5, one for every day of the school week, but if your kid drops a face mask on the floor at school, loses a face mask, or who knows what else, you’ll probably want a few extra on hand. 

Leave it to Crayola and School MaskPack to come up with an easy solution. They have created 5-packs of kid-sized face masks that you can preorder right now on Amazon. There are three different sets to choose from, and they are designed to fit kids age 3-11.

Choose from Cool Colors, Craymoji, and Tip Faces. Each set costs $29.99. They will be released on July 31st and will be delivered between August 6th – 13th.

We think we’d get 2 sets for each child so we don’t have to wash them every week. Speaking of washing them, each set comes with a mesh laundry bag so you can throw them in the wash without worrying about losing them wherever it is that missing socks go.

The masks are made with 2 layers of cotton fabric. They have adjustable ear straps and a name tag, so you can make sure your child doesn’t lose his or her mask at school.

Even if your kids will be learning from home this year, these face masks are a great idea for trips to the store or anywhere else they might go where masks are required or social distancing is difficult. 

If you’re reading this wishing that the masks were available for teens and adults, you’re in luck. There is an adult-size 5-pack available. This set is called Crayola Stripe, and it is $39.99. Could be a great back-to-school gift for a teacher! View all the details at Amazon.