Ohio Nurse Tries to Prove That the COVID Vaccine Made Her Magnetic and Fails Miserably

@Tylerjoelb via Twitter

When someone is as educated and experienced in the medical field as a nurse would be, you would think that he or she wouldn’t fall for conspiracy theories. Think again.

One Ohio nurse noticed something odd while she was at lunch, and she decided what she discovered needed to be shared with the Ohio House health committee. Her demonstration proved to be hilarious and ridiculous, yet she somehow manages to keep a straight face the whole time. 

A nurse named Joanna Overholt claimed that she realized her body had become magnetic, and she blamed the COVID-19 vaccine. In order to prove her point, she brought a key (which is not magnetic) and a bobby pin with her to demonstrate her magnetism to the Ohio House health committee.

Overholt started by explaining that she noticed something unusual at lunch. Then she proceeded to press a key into the skin on her chest, and when it didn’t fall off right away, she asked, “Explain to me why the key sticks to me?”

Um, sweat?

Then Overholt pressed a bobby pin to her neck, and it continued to fall off again and again, but she refuses to admit that her skin wasn’t magnetic.

You can watch Overholt’s testimony in the video below. No, this is not an SNL skit.

In the comments, one chemistry teacher stepped up to explain why the key sticks to Overholt’s chest but not her neck.

Many people want to know what kind of nurse Overholt is. They think her lack of understanding about magnets and sweaty skin makes her unfit to work as a nurse.

Other people joked that the vaccine didn’t make her magnetic but did make her lose her mind.

How would you respond to someone who thought the COVID-19 vaccine made them magnetic?