Health Experts Are Warning About the Silent Spread of COVID 19 Among Young Adults

The more we find out about COVID-19, the more we realize how little we knew back in March when businesses and industries started shutting down.

For example, we have been told that certain people are high risk, such as older people and people with underlying health conditions, but perhaps many healthy Americans didn’t realize that they had an underlying health condition. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added obesity to the list of risk factors for COVID-19. That means that anyone with a few extra pounds to lose is considered high risk. That’s the majority of Americans.

In the beginning of the pandemic, we also heard that children hardly ever got COVID-19. Then it seemed that children did in fact get it but ended up being asymptomatic carriers. Now, the CDC has proof that children and young adults are in fact spreading COVID-19 to the older generation, those who are at higher risk from complications and even death.

Good Morning America co-host Eva Pilgrim recently talked to ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton and asked her some important questions about COVID-19. Watch the video below to learn about some recent updates to the CDC guidelines and why it is especially important to prevent young adults from getting COVID-19.

If you are a young adult or if you have one in your household, this is a good time to remember the smart steps you can take to prevent yourself and those around you from getting COVID-19. Hand washing, social distancing and wearing a face mask are all effective ways to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Does it surprise you that being overweight is now considered a risk factor for COVID-19? What do you think we can do to prevent young adults from getting and spreading COVID-19?