Country Star Sad News

Country star Luke Combs was just as shocked as one of his fans when his fan got sued by him for making tumblers with his image on it. Apparently, Combs has a company that goes after bigger companies who try to make t-shirts and other products with his image without his permission, but somehow a fan named Nicol Harness was also sued by this company and didn’t even know it since the notice about the lawsuit was sent to her electronically and went to her junk mail.

Harness sells tumblers on Amazon, and this Amazon store is her only income. She went to access funds from Amazon when she found that her account was frozen. That’s when she discovered that she had been sued by Combs and that she was not only supposed to stop selling the tumblers but was also ordered to pay Combs $250,000.

When Combs found out about this lawsuit, he was shocked and decided to make things right. In order to get more information about what happened and to contact Harness, Combs contacted a news station that ran a story about the lawsuit. Then he personally called Combs to apologize. Not only that, but he’s sending her money and raising more money for her by creating and selling his own tumbler.

Combs posted about the lawsuit and his response on TikTok. He ended his video by explaining, “This is not something that I would ever do. This is not the kind of person I am. I’m not greedy in any way, shape or form. Money is the last thing on my mind I promise you guys that.”

Watch Combs explanation of the lawsuit and his response to it in the video below.

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While Combs was shocked to find out about the lawsuit, obviously Harness was even more surprised. She immediately stopped selling the tumblers, and didn’t understand why she was still being sued by Combs. Watch the video below to learn more about how this lawsuit happened and what Combs is doing to make things right.