Florida ‘Karen’ Who Coughed in Cancer Patient’s Face at Pier 1 Has Been Arrested and Charged With Assault

Heather Reed Sprague has 10 children, and she also has brain cancer. She has obviously been sticking close to home throughout the pandemic, but recently, she had an appointment that caused her to venture out into the world.

In a Facebook post, Sprague shared, “I had an appointment in the Town Center area, so I donned my mask and ducked into a store to escape the heat while I waited for my appointment time.”

While killing time at a nearby Pier 1, Sprague noticed something disturbing. First, she noticed two children running around the store. Then, she noticed a woman who was not wearing a face mask arguing with the store’s employees. Spargue wrote, “She was screaming at, swearing, insulting, and threatening the staff as she demanded to return an item she didn’t have with her, just a photo of the item on her phone. The staff were professional and respectful. But they couldn’t return an item she didn’t actually have with her.”

Meanwhile, Sprague realized that the two children belonged to this maskless woman, and one of them, a boy, kept asking to go to the bathroom. His mother ignored his pleas and kept arguing with the employees.

After at least 15 minutes of listening to the argument, Sprague decided to take action. She simply took out her phone, and without saying a word, she started recording. She was an innocent bystander, but she ended up becoming a victim. Watch the video below to see what happened when the maskless woman saw Sprague recording her.


Sprague shared in her Facebook post that “within 30 seconds of filming her tirade was done and she left the poor staff in peace.” Sprague also stated that she planned go get tested for COVID-19 due to this incident.

A couple days after this incident, Sprague decided to file a police report, and Debra Hunter, the woman who coughed on Sprague, has since been arrested. She is being charged with assault.