Costco Is Testing a Big Change

trongnguyen via Deposit Photos

Costco, the beloved warehouse giant, might be implementing a significant change in its shopping experience, and it involves scanning your membership card before entering the store. The potential policy shift was recently revealed in a Reddit thread, showcasing the trial run at a Costco location in Issaquah, Washington.

The photo shared in the thread portrays a Costco member scanning their card using a device stationed at the store’s entrance. Manned by a Costco employee, the device features a sign below the scanner stating, “You will be asked to scan your membership card before entering the warehouse.”

Membership scan at entrance byu/mike753951 inCostco

This prospective modification follows closely on the heels of Costco’s recent crackdown on membership-card sharing, a move that didn’t sit well with some customers. The earlier policy change, implemented last year, faced backlash from members who were accustomed to sharing their cards. A few disgruntled individuals even threatened to cancel their memberships in protest.

Despite the initial frustration with the previous membership-card sharing restrictions, reactions to the current Reddit thread suggest that the concept of scanning membership cards for entry is receiving more positive feedback.

One commenter noted a potential benefit at the checkout, stating, “I’ve seen people with multiple carts full of food get turned away (not without a fight) at the checkout line due to having someone else’s card. This could be an effort to avoid situations like that.”

In the thread’s comments, there was a general sentiment of approval, with one person praising the potential change for its efficiency. “I really don’t get the big deal. A machine that scans the membership card isn’t really any different than a person you flash the card to. It might be more efficient,” they wrote.

However, concerns were raised about the scanning process causing longer wait times to enter Costco warehouses. One commenter pointed out the potential for delays, saying, “Imagine the line, as the majority of people looking for their card at the door.”

Hear more about the possibility of the new process in the video below.

Are you a Costco member? How do you feel about the idea of scanning your Costco membership card before entering the store? Do you see it as a positive change or a potential inconvenience?