8 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Linked To House Party In NY Where Host Was Already Symptomatic, Officials Say

COVID-19 has been a part of all our lives since the end of February when the virus made its way to the United States. Whether it’s caused you to lose your job or a family member has become ill, we’ve all been affected one way or another.

Since then, everyone’s had to comply with a fair share of rules, from quarantining at home or wearing masks in public. If you had to leave your home, it was mandatory to practice social distancing and stand at least six feet part from others.

But now, with states loosening their restrictions, the rules have gotten a bit fuzzier. While it’s still recommended to socially distance from others, things aren’t as strict and not everyone has been complying with those rules.

Take the Alabama students who are intentionally trying to infect others by attending “COVID-19 parties.” These people are having students already infected with the virus head to parties to win money based on how many people they can infect.

And now, there’s been a situation in West Nyack, New York where at least eight people have become diagnosed with the virus after attending a house party.

While that may seem innocent enough, it turns out the host of the party was already showing signs of coronavirus—as in, he was well aware he was sick—and shouldn’t have held the party at all.

The party was held on June 17 and mostly consisted of people in their 20s. Some of these people have also attended two other parties that contain some of the same attendees and may have infected others as well.

The thing is, not all of these people are sorry about what they’ve done. In fact, they refused to cooperate with contact tracers and are now facing fines. Nine people received subpoenas and those who didn’t comply with county health regulations can face up to $2,000 per day in fines.

It just goes to show that the pandemic is far from over and keeping up with socially distancing is just as important—if not more important—as ever.

To hear more about what happened at this party and what the county is going to do to move forward, check out the video below.

What do you think of what happened in Rockland? At this point, would you attend a party with many guests in attendance? What about a party where you knew the host was showing signs of being sick? At this time in the pandemic, how are you reducing your chances of getting coronavirus?