Coolio’s Cause Of Death Revealed

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On September 28th, rapper Coolio died unexpectedly at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. He was only 59 years old.

At the time, the paramedics suspected cardiac arrest as the cause of death, but the exact cause of death was not verified yet. The police were only able to rule out foul play.

Now, a couple weeks later, we finally know more about the rapper’s cause of death.

In an interview with The U.S. Sun, Coolio’s son, Artis Ivey III, explained that his father suffered from some health complications prior to his death.

Ivey III said, “My dad was having a couple of health complications. He was taking care of those things. A lot was going on with asthma, real bad asthma.”

Ivey III added that his father was “for the most part drug-free,” so his death was not drug related or due to a drug overdose. Instead, he claims his father “died of natural causes. He just had a heart attack.”

According to Ivey III, his father’s death was not expected. He said, “It was a complete shock.”

Even though Coolio’s death was unexpected, the rapper had already prepared his family in advance in case he were to die. Ivey III explained, “At the same time, you know, our father always prepared us for things that might happen.”

Ivey III continued by explaining that even though his father didn’t expect to die any time soon, he was prepared to die when his time came. He said, “My father was a very spiritual person. He didn’t fear death at all. It was another step to paradise. He had his own set of beliefs. He believed in a higher power and he believed in himself.”

After Coolio’s death, his remains were cremated. Instead of being kept in an urn or scattered somewhere meaningful to Coolio, his ashes were split up among his children. TMZ reports that each one of Coolio’s seven children as well as some other family members will receive a very special pendant that contains part of Coolio’s ashes. In addition to the ashes, each pendant will be inscribed with whatever each child decides he or she wants inscribed on the pendant. Talk about a meaningful piece of jewelry!

Coolio was best known for his hit song “Gangsta’s Paradise.” He ended up winning a Grammy for the song in 1996. Coolio believed the song was timeless because he “didn’t use any trendy words.” It has been streamed over 1 billion times on YouTube.