Rest In Peace, Cooking Star has Passed Away

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Lynn Yamada Davis, the beloved social media sensation behind Cooking with Lynja, has passed away at the age of 67. The cooking star, known for her humorous and creatively edited cooking videos on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, left a lasting impact on her millions of followers.

Davis, a former software engineer, rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic when her son, Tim, initiated a month-long video project. The mother-son duo continued creating cooking content for YouTube and TikTok, with Tim handling the behind-the-scenes work while Davis charmed audiences in front of the camera.

The fame of Cooking with Lynja skyrocketed when one of Davis’s zany recipe videos went viral, featuring an over-the-top bacon, egg, and cheese creation. With Tim’s scripting, videography, and editing skills, the Cooking with Lynja TikTok page amassed 17.5 million followers, the YouTube account gained nearly 10 million subscribers, and the Instagram account reached over two million.

Before her internet fame, Davis had a distinguished career as an engineer, attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her undergraduate degree and working for the federal government to enhance accessibility in federal buildings. With an MBA and MPH from Columbia University, she spent 29 years at AT&T Labs as a systems engineer and project manager.

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“She had this whole chapter as a groundbreaking female engineer, and she was very proud of that,” said her daughter, Hannah Mariko Shofet, to The New York Times.

Davis cherished her internet fame, not just for the global travel opportunities but for the precious family moments it brought. Collaborating with fellow food TikToker Nick DiGiovanni, she visited Japan and attended the United Arab Emirates Forbes’ Women’s Summit in 2022, winning a Streamy Award in the editing and food categories.

Despite the sweet comments from fans asking her to be their grandmother, Davis appreciated the chance to spend quality time with her family through Cooking with Lynja.

“It’s definitely a big family affair for us, and it’s very nice. We have lots of family memories from this time. It’s just wonderful,” she expressed to PEOPLE.

Since her passing on January 1 at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey due to esophageal cancer, Davis’s social media accounts have continued to be active. She had reportedly asked Tim to continue posting edited videos, and the account will cease updates after the last Cooking with Lynja videos featuring Davis are uploaded.

In the wake of her departure, fans, friends, and family mourn the loss of a charismatic and talented influencer who brought joy and laughter to millions through her love for cooking and her endearing personality. Here’s her son saying a few words about her and showing some fun photos after her passing.


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