Comedian Dead At 76


Gallagher the crazy watermelon smashing comedian died Friday morning (November 11,2022) at the age of 76.

An article by TMZ article states the comedian died in hospice in the Palm Springs area. His Manager attributed his death to organ failure. His health has been poor for some time. He has had several heart attacks.

Gallagher became known in the early 1980’s. He starred in the first ever cable television stand up called “An Uncensored Evening” per an article by CNN.

His biggest schtick was his home-made sledgehammer he named the “Sledge-O-Matic. He would smash food on stage with the “Sledge-O-Matic” and it would splatter the audience.

He also did many early appearances on Comedy Central and MTV.

According to his obituary, Gallagher stayed on the road touring America for years on end. Most of the other comedians went on to do talk shows, movies and sitcoms. It is also speculated that he may hold a record for most stand up dates.

Gallagher is quintessential American success story,

You will be missed buddy!