These Delicious Coffee Infused Gummy Bears Have the Same Amount of Caffeine as a Shot of Espresso — Here’s Where to Find Them

One of our favorite types of candy is gummy candy. Gummy worms (sour, preferably), Swedish fish, orange smiles, and of course, the classic gummy bears.

Sure, we like our fair share of chocolate candy too, but there’s something fun about chewing gummy candy. We’ve been known to enjoy gummy bears flavored like our favorite types of wine too. Gotta keep those out of reach of the kiddos.

Now, there’s another gummy candy that we have to get our hands on stat. It looks like a classic gummy bear, but what’s inside is so much more than a sugar rush. We’re talking about caffeine. Like, actual espresso. Like, instead of drinking our morning cup of joe (fine, vanilla latte or cold brew depending on the day), we can munch on these new gummy bear treats.


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We have sugarfina to thank for bringing us not one, not two but three types of coffee infused gummy bears. You can choose from cold brew bears, iced vanilla latte bears, and bourbon cold brew bears. Yes, the bourbon bears actually contain bourbon and coffee for a buzzy yet boozy treat.

If you like your coffee sweet, choose the iced vanilla latte bears, and if you like classic coffee flavor, stick with cold brew. Can’t decide? You don’t have to. You can get both the iced vanilla latte bears and the cold brew bears packaged inside a reusable 12 ounce tumbler that you can use for, you know, actual coffee once the gummy bears are gone.

The caffeinated gummy bears also come in mini coffee cups. You can get either a set of 3 mini cups or 6 mini cups. Each cold brew and bourbon cold brew mini cup has the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso, and each iced vanilla latte mini cup equals the caffeine in half a shot of espresso.

If one shot isn’t enough, go for what looks like a bag of coffee beans. Instead of coffee beans, each bag is filled with gummy bears, obviously.</spa


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The trio of coffee gummy bears are available online at as well as sugarfina stores, sugarfina stores inside Nordstrom and other retailers who sell sugarfina products.

You can even get your caffeine fix through a vending machine at the Alfred Coffee store on Melrose Blvd in Los Angeles. Alfred Coffee is the co-conspirator on these new bears. It’s their coffee inside!

Do you think caffeinated gummy bears sound amazing, or would you rather stick with drinking your coffee? Which kind of coffee gummy bears do you want to try first?