Coconut Oil Should Be A Staple In Your Pantry, In Your Beauty Routine, In Your Life! Here’s Why.

One of the trendiest pantry items today is without a doubt coconut oil. Why? Well, as Lucie from Refinery29 discovered, a million reasons! There are so many amazing ways you can use coconut oil, as a beauty product, a cooking substitute, and a mouthwash, just to name a few. Lucie took the coconut oil challenge and spent 5 days experimenting with a jar of this coveted oil, discovering all the different uses coconut oil can play in your life. Interested? Watch the video below, you’ll be running to the store to buy your own jar in no time.

We loved each way Lucie used coconut oil – it was amazing that the whole jar lasted through ALL that for 5 whole days! This oil may be a bit expensive, but boy is it worth the investment.

MOUTH CLEANSER – Coconut oil is the ideal product for a dental technique called “oil pulling”. This is an ancient technique in which you gargle oil for 20 minutes to pull out any bacteria from your mouth before it can get into your body. Besides cleansing you mouth (and ultimately your body), oil pulling can whiten your teeth, clear you skin, and give you more energy.

BEAUTY MIRACLE – You can use coconut oil for SO much of your beauty routine: as a lip balm, makeup remover, conditioner, cuticle oil, shaving cream…need we go on? It is a beauty superstar.

BAKING SUBSTITUTE – Coconut oil can replace butter in essentially any recipe. You see Lucie uses coconut oil instead of butter for her cookies, and look how good they turned out! Try replacing your regular oils and butters with coconut oil for lighter, healthier recipes.

RELAXATION – Coconut oil doesn’t just TASTE great, it smells great, too! Need some quick aromatherapy? Rub the oil on your temples and wrists for a quick fix of relaxation.

DRINKS – You can make the best smoothies with coconut oil! It’s smooth, so blending is easy, it has all the nutrients you want in a smoothie, and it tastes amazing. You can also make the fun kind of drinks with coconut oil…the kind with rum.

Do you use coconut oil for something amazing? Share your ways with us in the comments section below.