We’d Never Thought Of This Clever Way To Give Someone A Gift

Ever shake a wrapped gift under the Christmas tree as a kid and try to guess what was inside? Was it your action figure or baby doll? The scooter you’ve been asking for? Or a tambourine? Oh what fun it was to take guesses based on size, shape and sound!

However, Christmas presents aren’t always what they seem. Have your parents ever tricked you and put a gift inside a box that had zero relation to what it actually was? One time my mom put my brand new gifted cell phone inside a bag of underwear. Needless to say I was disappointed upon initially opening the gift, but once I realized what it really was I was thrilled! There are lots of fun ways to get someone guessing about what they’re about to open. But one person on TikTok shared a way that we never would’ve thought of before!

The user, who goes by the handle @jonathanblogs, shared the video captioned “Did you know this was possible?” and within days it went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes.

The video starts out with a clip of a gift in the shape of a broom. Only the bristles are wrapped, but the stick is peeking out from the wrapping paper.

“Did you know that Christmas presents aren’t always what they appear to be?” the narrator says. Adding close-ups of the wrapped gift, he continues on to talk about how you might think you know what’s inside, but until you open the gift, you really have no idea what’s really in there.

Eventually, he reveals that yes, indeed, he had wrapped up an old broom. And whoever was to receive that gift would’ve probably muttered a forced “thank you” before shoveling it aside to open another. But if that were the case, they would’ve missed what’s really inside the gift!

Take a look at the video below to see what we mean.

@jonathanblogs Did you know that this was possible? #diy ♬ original sound – jonathanblogs

Ha! The receiver of this gift is about to be fooled. Would you ever wrap a gift like this? What’s the most clever way you’ve ever given someone a Christmas gift?