Christina Applegate Health News Update

Jean_Nelson via Deposit Photos

Back in 2021, actress and comedian Christina Applegate was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but she believes that she probably had the disease for “six or seven years” before she was diagnosed. In a recent interview with Good Morning America’s Robyn Roberts, Applegate opened up about her diagnosis and her appearance at the Emmy Awards in January 2024.

According to Variety, Applegate has currently stepped away from acting, choosing isolation as she figures out how to cope with MS. At this point, she doesn’t know that she will ever act again. She explained, “I wake up and I’m reminded of it every day … But I might get to a place where I function a little bit better. Right now I’m isolating, and that’s kind of how I’m dealing with it is by not going anywhere because I don’t want to do it. It’s hard.”

Although she lives most of her life at home, Applegate did accept the chance to be a presenter at the Emmy Awards. When she walked on stage, she received a standing ovation.

Roberts asked Applegate how it felt to receive a standing ovation, and she shared that she “blacked out.” She explained, “I don’t even know what I said.” More specifically, she described herself as “so freaked out I didn’t even know what was happening anymore.”

While Applegate doesn’t plan on acting on screen again, she doesn’t plan on retiring. She intends to do voiceover work “to support my family and keep my brain working.”

Watch the video below to hear more about Applegate’s health and her experience at the Emmy Awards.