Woman’s Chip Clip Migraine Remedy Has Attracted a Ton of Social Media Attention

If you suffer from chronic headaches – migraines or otherwise – then you probably have an arsenal of remedies at the ready. Medications, diet, hot and cold packs, teas, and other methods are surely on that list.

Some of you may also be hip to acupressure tricks too. By applying pressure to certain parts of the body, you can find relief for your headache and other woes. Most of us who have done it the DIY way are used to using our own hands to do the pinching and pressing.

However, as one Indiana woman learned, there’s a gadget for that. Elizabeth Hayes was dealing with a migraine for twelve hours and sought out a remedy online. She came across the “Aculief” which is designed to work as a wearable pressure point device specifically for headache pain.

Obviously, she couldn’t order one to help her in the moment, but it gave her another idea:

“I googled fast relief for migraines and it pulled up something called Aculief. I glanced at the counter and saw this chip clip and decided it would do about the same thing. Within one minute I had some relief, and within twenty my pain was reduced by half!! I decided to order the real thing off Amazon. Just wanted to share this with everyone, as I know many of you suffer from migraines also.”

This chip clip saved my life tonight. I had a migraine start almost twelve hours ago and about an hour ago it was at an…

Posted by Elizabeth Hayes on Friday, February 22, 2019


A chip clip did the trick! The particular pressure point is LI-4, located on the web between the base of the thumb and index finger where the bones meet. When slight pressure is applied at this point for a few seconds or minutes, it can help release tension in the head.

Some people find that the pain may return if constant pressure is not present, so using a clip helps. You may also choose to massage the area with your fingers. But if not, a clip, clothes pin, or device like the Aculief can give your fingers a break from trying to work your magic on LI-4.

The Facebook post above went viral with more than 200,000 comments about the tip. Many are enthusiastic about trying it on themselves the next time they are battling a nasty migraine or headache. Others said that they’ve used pressure on the LI-4 point with success. It really works.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, more than 35 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraines, with the largest percentage being women, followed by children. Managing migraines isn’t always easy, especially when medication doesn’t always work.

Hayes mentioned that she would be investing in an Aculief clip, which can be purchased through their website or on Amazon. The company describes it as a “comfortable, stylish pain management and acupressure tool.” It’s also being promoted as something that lasts forever and can be used anywhere – work, school, and at bedtime.

For anyone out there who is suffering from migraines, especially if they are frequent, clipping your LI-4 point might be the move. Gather your food clips!

What do you think of this woman’s acupressure hack? Are you familiar with this trigger point? What are your best migraine remedies?